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Bibliography (chronological order, in Russian)

Bibliography (thematicall order, in Russian)



Klejn L.S. Archaeological sources (abstract)

Publ. in Russian (1978) by Leningrad University, the second edition (1993) at Farn, St. Petersburg. Abstract and Contents.

Klejn L.S. Archaeological typology

Oxford edition of 1962 is by BAR, Slovenian edition of 1988 by Ljubljana university Russian edition of 1991 by Academy of Scinces of USSR, St. Petersburg. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. The phenomenon of Soviet archaeology

Publ. in Russian (1993) at St. Petersburg by Farn; in Spanish (1993) at Bacelona by Critica; in German (1997) at Frankfurt by Peter Lang. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. Incorporeal heroes (The Origin of Homeric images) (Abstract)

Publ. in Russian 1994 by Khudozhestvennaya literatura and Farn, St.Petersburg. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. The Anatomy of the Iliad (Abstract)

Publ. in Russian 1998 by St. Petersburg University. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. Archaeology in the saddle (Gustav Kossinna from the far distance)

Abstract of a monograph-sized article. Publ. In German (1974), in French (shortened version, 1978), in Russian (2000), all in journals. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. The Catalogue of Ships (Prospect-Abstract)

In print, at the Eurasia publs., St Petersburg, in Russian. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. The principles of archaeology

Publ. in Russian (2001) by Belveder, St. Petersburg Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. Introduction to theoretical archaeology: Meta-archaeology

Publ . in English (2001) as a Supplement to Acta Archaeologica Copenhagen; in Russian (2004) by Belveder, St. Petersburg. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. The Resurrection of Perun. Reconstructing East Slavic pagan religion (Abstract)

Publ. in Russian (2004) by Eurasia, St. Petersburg. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. History of archaeological thought (Prospect-abstract)

In print at the St.Petersburg University, in Russian. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. Time in archaeology  (Prospect-Abstract)

L. S. Klejn. Time in archaeology. Prospect-Abstract

Klejn L.S. Varangian debates. The arguments and the history of the controversion (Abstract)

Publ. (2009) in Russian at St. Petersburg by Eurasia. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. Ethnogenesis and archaeology (Abstract)

In print at the philological faculty of St. Petersburg University, in Russian. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. Ancient migrations and the origins of Indo-European peoples (Abstract)

In print at St. Petersburg University, in Russian. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. A History of anthropological ideas (Abstract)

In print at St. Petersburg University, in Russian. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. Culture and evolution. Theoretical studies (Prospect-abstract)

Prepared, but still not accepted by Publishers. Abstract and Contents

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Klejn L.S. The Savage society (the Russian title: The world turned upside down)

Publ. in German 1991 at Berlin, Aufbau; in Russian 1993 at St.Petersburg, Farn; in Slovenian 2001 at Ljubljana, ŠKUC. Abstract and Contents

[Klejn L.S.] It’s difficult to be Klejn. An Autobiography in monologues and dialogues by Leo S. Klejn (Prospect-Abstract)

Nestor-Istoriya, St. Petesrburg, 2010, in Russian. Abstract and Contents

Klejn L.S. On art (Prospect-Abstract)

In print at Belveder, St. Petersburg, in Russian Abstract and Contents


In the spring of 1950 the fourth year student of the department of archaeology Lev Klejn has delivered a paper in the session of academic counsel IIMK Ac. of Sc. of USSR with a sharp criticism of N. Ya. Marr’s teaching (half a year before Stalin’s criticism). The photograph is of the student on the day the paper was delivered in the session hall of IIMK

"Born on 1 July 1927 in Vitebsk, then Byelorussian SSR, in a Jewish family of intelligentsia, atheistic and radically russified (already for two generations before me in the family the first language was Russian, and before it Polish)..."

After 80 it is still possible to look sensibly and boldly into the future. Photo by Damir Gibadullin-Klejn

"I am aware of having been known in my country and in the world, and a third of my published works are in foreign languages, but my main monographs remain untranslated into English and do not exert influence upon the worldwide development of our discipline. I am known throughout the world but only in the narrow world of archaeologists and not always for my main works. With this proud and sad conscience I depart..."

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